Monday, 29 November 2010

Something beginning with Pee...

Lots of girls have talked about taking vitamins to help them conceive so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and picked myself up some Pregnacare Conception. I wasn't the most discerning shopper, it was the one I recognised, it was cheaper than anything else and I was in a hurry because there was Christmas shopping to be done. I picked it up (and some smelly stuffs for Hubby's birthday) and paid.

The girl who served me couldn't have been less interested in what I was buying and put my shopping into a nice see through bag so that everyone in Glasgow could see exactly what I was getting up to. So I stuffed the box into the pair of socks I'd bought for Hubby (which then led to a minor panic when I got home and thought I'd lost the expensive vitamins!)

So that night I took my first Pregnacare pill. Now they don't tell you much on the box. Yes, it's got plenty of folic acid in it (just right for a growing baby-to-be), it's got enough iron in it to sink the Titanic and it's also got a wonderful host of other vitamins which have quite an unusual effect on your body.

It turns your pee yellow.

Now, I know what you're thinking (those of you who haven't tried Pregnacare at least), you pee is meant to be yellow. But honestly, nothing really compares to the fantastic yellow colour your pee will assume. I was at least a little prepared, I'd heard from other people on the pregnancy forums, but all the same, you're never really ready for the moment when you stumble to the loo at seven in the morning and the toilet bowl looks as though it belongs to someone trying to dispose of plutonium or something.

Think glowsticks, think workmen's jackets, think of the yellowest thing you can think of and double it. That's what your pee looks like on Pregnacare.

Pregnacare pee actually matches my bathroom decor quite well.
And who said that trying to conceive wasn't exciting?


  1. What? I haven't noticed anything like this and I use Pregnacare.

  2. Genius - I love it. I'm only taking cheapy folic acid, but I'm so tempted now after this :D

  3. Neon wee - comedy bonus to ttc! x